Humanity is traversing a grand cosmological cycle of time into a new epoch of life on this planet. We are entering a phase of our evolution where we will have to reorient ourselves to vistas beyond our imagination.

This rebirth process, however, will bring up all the layers of collective shadow that remain to be processed and transmuted. This will naturally involve the breaking down of many societal structures that are no longer in harmony with the new world.

To make this transition gracefully, we must nurture our own source connection and purify the aspects of ourselves that were programmed in the old world order or the 'Age of Enslavement'.

Understanding and then integrating the dynamics we have been living in can be a disconcerting but empowering process to ground ourselves into 3D realm with eyes wide open, awakening from the dream spell that has been cast upon humanity for millenia.

Throughout the ages, mystics and philosophers alike have attempted to describe the nature of our reality. Indeed, many religions have been founded upon moments of transcendental experience or transmissions of enlightened states that later became teachings that were inscribed into scripture or passed on through an oral tradition. 

People around the world are waking up to the multidimensional and metaphysical aspects of our fractal, holographic reality, and that our consciousness has a direct influence on the world around us. These concepts have increasing scientific validation as we explore the world of quantum mechanics and unified field physics.

As part of taking the reigns of our own LIFE VISION QUEST, it is essential to set our mental attitude to harness the nourishment that can be extracted from the unique challenges we will naturally face during our individual journeys as we co create a new world.

One such empowering concept, is to see life itself as a training ground for our consciousness as we experience, grow and evolve.

The trials we overcome, the lessons we learn, allow us the opportunity to grow and expand through direct experience or through the observation of others.

In order to be fulfilled on our journey, we must transcend our pure, individualistic, ego based needs and desires, and recognise that we live in a growth centric world. This world thrives when we each contribute our unique gifts in co-operation and in harmony with whole, aligned with natures principles.

By developing our ability to rebalance ourselves on all levels of our being, we can be inspired by the alchemical storm of this epochal time and embrace it as we collectively experience this transmutation and the birthing of New World that is seeded within each of us.

Video Lesson  1 - ULTIMATE FOCUS - By Nick Good 

This introductory film explores the story of our souls journey into form and the way in which our consciousness interfaces with matter in the world around us. As spiritual beings we experience the initial constriction of the physical vessel, intertwined with the human ego that evolved for survival purposes during our cycles of incarnation. While our ego seeks to protect us for self preservation, it has also created an container for our free spirits in an illusionary matrix of fear, separation and disconnection from our true source and oneness with the unified field.