A Journey to Reclaim Your Health Sovereignty

Empower yourself by understanding your body vessel that carries you on your journey out of the wide world, so you know how to maintain your energy and vitality to be able live your life potential and enjoy the experience.

If knowledge is power, then learning is a super power, making a vital healthy mind a super super power, therefore gaining health wisdom is one of the greatest investments you could ever make.

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Introduction -

The Principles of Health Wisdom

Intro - Initiating the Quest 

Avatar in the Earth Realm - Our place in the Cosmos

Deprogram from the Dis-empowering Medical Matrix and Become Self Health Sovereign

The Principles of Health Wisdom Manuscript

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Module 1 - Our Amazing Interconnected Body

Explore your Beautiful Biocrystalline Biological Vessel, the Body Organ Systems and its Innate Cellular Intelligence

Our Physical body – THE HUMAN BIOCRYSTAL
Our Bioterrain and Metabolism
Cell Biology 101
Cellular Energy and Mitochondrial Metabolism
Major Organ systems and Structures
Our Nervous System and our Stress Response
A Journey Down our Digestive System
Inner Allies of our Immune System
The Harmony of our Hormonal System
Cell Metabolism and Homeostasis
What are Toxins?
What is Detoxification?
Channels of Elimination
Acute Detoxification Symptoms
The Burden of Chronic Toxicity
What Blocks Efficient Detoxification
Key Daily Concepts - Blood Sugar Balance
Our Innate Cellular Intelligence to Regenerate

Module 2 - Whole Being Nourishment

Discover ways to nourish all levels of yourself more fully


Intro Health Wisdom Balance

Part 1 - Nurturing Your Creative Essence with Soul Food

Part 2 - Individual Nutrition

Why Do We Eat and How Do We Eat? 
Dietary Dogmas
Macronutrient Balance - Carbohydrates
Macronutrient Balance - Lipids / Fats
Macronutrient Balance - Proteins 
Minerals and Micronutrients
Precious Plants Based Phytonutrients
Life force nutrition – Biophotonics, MicroRNA and Food as Information
Optimising Food Options - Making good choices
Supportive Supplements
Hydrate Your Liquid Crystalline Biovessel
Cellular Bioterrain Biochemical Balance - Acid Alkaline Ph and Nutritional Electron Donors
Inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Nutritional Balance
Taoist and TCM Food Energetics
Nourish Your Chi - Spleen and Lung Organ System
Nourish Your Jing – Kidney Organ System
Harmonize Your Shen - Liver and Heart Organ System

Part 3 - Living a Holistic Lifestyle and Nurturing with Nature

Part 4 - Movement and Mobility 

Oxygenate and Electrify Your Blood
Strengthen your Structure and Boost Your Youthful Hormones 
Elegant Energy Work, Spontaneous Movement and Dance
Resistance Flexibility Stretching 

Part 5 - Elevate Your Emotional Ecology 

Part 6 - Being a Maji of your Mind

Part 7 - Healing Heart Connecting in Community

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Module 3 - Living Your Uniqueness

Embody and Realise Your Own Uniqueness through Inner Contemplation and Alchemical Explorations

Intro – Living you’re Uniqueness 
Enter the Earth Realm – Soul Geometry and our Physical Constitution
Our Inherited Prenatal Jing and the 3 Treasures
Your Ayurvedic Prakriti – Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Systems Biology 
Your Genetic Ancestry
The Power of a Life Journey Review 
The Consequences of Suppressive Health Interventions 
Listening To Our Body's Messages
Recognising Undermining Core Beliefs About Self, Health and the World
Making Sense of NOW – What’s Your Stack Up? 
Optimising For Your Living Environment 
Nourishment During the Stages of Life 
Strategising for your Current Life and Health Goals 
Optimising Nutrition with Metabolic Typing 
Identifying Food Sensitivities 
Identifying your Sleep Pattern Chronotype or Cortisol Dysregulation 
Retracing on your Healing Journey
Balancing Your Lifestyle Circumstances 
Learning through Experimentation

Module 4 - Worldly Health Wisdom Awareness

Wise Up and Become Conscious of the Traps, Pitfalls and Poisons during your Life Quest through the Earth Realm

Top Health Threats and Vitality Depletors of the Earth Realm

Lifestyle and Personal Vitality Depletors

Top Health Myths, Misrepresentations and Misunderstandings

Considerations for Using the Internet to Explore Health Topics - Censorship and Knowledge Suppression

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Module 5 - Living Your Health Wisdom Quest

Making it real, embodying awareness and integrating a Wise Healthy lifestyle

Health Wisdom Quest Review
Our Lives are an Uniquely Evolving Fractal Spiral
Living with Balance –Prioritising Life Changes 
Refresh Your BIG WHY?
Creating a New You - Envisioning the Highest Version of Yourself 
How to Incorporate New Practices into your Life 
Reprogramming Subconscious Limiting Beliefs about your Health Potential 
Enlivening Lifeforce Lifestyle Strategies
Craft Your Morning Routine to have the Best Day Ever
Nutrient Dense Superfood Boost
Selecting Supportive Supplements
Phytonutrient Rich Herbs for the Home 
Daily Detox Tools
Useful Equipment for a Healthy Home 
Optimising Food Preparation and Cooking Techniques
Detoxification Tools and Strategies 
The Wide World of Holistic Therapies
Advanced Strategies for Optimising Our Cells
Preparing Your Mindset for Potential Social Challenges
Honouring our Innately Intelligent Body through Healing Reactions – Symptoms as Messages
Being a Role Model for a Enriching Path to Co Create New Earth
Sharing your Health Wisdom with Others
Evolving by Resolving the Healing Wave 
Being a Role Model for a New Path to Co Create New Earth
Sharing your Health Wisdom with Others
References and Resources

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