Reveal the Creative Codes of your Birth Name

Original Name Numerology is an inspirational profiling system using the vibrational information encoded within your birth name to decipher your potential challenges, talents, goals and Soul Destiny.

The system is derived from ancient mystical Hebrew Kaballah texts, such as the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar and was later developed for contemporary use by Dr Frank Alper.

A Original Name Numerology reading offers insightful guidance about the predominant energies, themes and experiences that your soul essence has created for you to master or explore this lifetime.

It can help illuminate the potential learning opportunities represented by the challenges we face in our lives and provide validation for the inner potential we may feel inside that we are seeking to express out in the world. 

Explore Your Original Name Numerology With Quinn

 40 Minute Zoom call


Includes a chart summary write up for you to contemplate that will emailed after your call


  • Receive confirmation and recognition for your innate gifts and talents

  • Feel a greater confidence and clearer sense of life purpose

  • Encouragement to reconnect and accept a deeper part of yourself

  • An acceleration of growth and healing

  • A deeper sense of understanding about the meaning of your life experiences

  • Discover the most important areas to focus on in your life and where you may be best suited to share your gifts

  • Activate your own unique abilities and potential


Quinn Original Name Numerology colour profile


Your Name is No Accident...

Every letter of your name is shaping your reality.  Your name is a representation of your presence on this planet. Deeper than that, the vibration of your name contains information about your soul's intention for this lifetime.

The ancient language of Hebrew was used for many of the early spiritual texts and is known as the 'Holy Tongue', or the 'Language of Creation'. Hebrew contain 22 letters or fire glyphs that depict the flame or light of consciousness and its many manifestations in the universe. The Hebrew name of an entity symbolises its life-force in written form and is continuously being reinforced by the vibratory vocation of its name.

Today we see language being made up of words and letters of an alphabet, that we then give a common meaning to for communication purposes. However, in many of the ancient languages, a letter is a glyph that symbolises a type of creative energy.

The sequence of the letters of your name creates a vibratory field that describes the energy signature of your being. The spelling of your name could also be seen as an antennae that both radiates and receives messages from the universal source intelligence. This would work like a GPS signal identity code. As many people have the same name, this decoding would of course be only one aspect of the layers of energy that make you up as a whole being. 



Quinn Original Name Numerology colour profile


Original Name Numerology Profile Features: 

Physical and Worldy Challenges -

Dominant theme of lessons to learn or challenges to master in the first part of your life, up to around 35 yrs

Physical and Worldly Talents

Dominant talents you could more easily access in the first part of your life up to around 35 yrs

Physical and Worldly Goals

Dominant theme your soul aims to move towards expressing in the first part of your life up to around 35 yrs

Spiritual Challenges

Dominant theme of lessons to learn in the second part of your life after around 35 yrs

Spiritual Talents

Dominant talents you could more easily access in the second part of your life after around 35 yrs

Spiritual Goals

Dominant theme of your spiritual higher purpose your soul would seek to achieve and express in the second part of your life after around 35 yrs

Soul Destiny

The core energy central to your soul in this incarnation, as well as the essential attributes and goals of your soul is crafting in the physical world.


What to expect during your Zoom call ...

After arranging your session time and receiving your full birth name as it would be written on your birth certificate during the purchase process, Quinn will have calculated your 'Star of Creation' chart ready for your session.

During your Zoom call, Quinn will share his screen and show you your chart. He will then go through each aspect of your profile and see how each of the creation code energies may be showing up in your life.

This will show the possible challenges these codes may bring and also the potential gifts that could be developed when the challenge is transmuted.

Quinn may offer his insights from an array of different fields related to personal development, spirituality, energy psychology, health, and wellness.

This will provide an empowering understanding of where there may be areas in your life to develop and strategies of how to make those changes.

This will include recommendations for overcoming your challenges, maximizing your talents, and achieving your goals. 

His goal will be to leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and with greater clarity for your path as well as empowered to walk forward on your life journey, more able to contribute your gifts with the world. 


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The Numerology of Your Name Contains a Code

When your name is decoded with a special form of Gematria and translated into the Hebrew fire letters, it reveals insights about your potential and highest calling here in the 3D Earth realm.

A Original Name Numerology reading offers insights into the potential challenges you may have to overcome at different stages in your life, your talents and the types of growth your soul is seeking. It also reveals your core energy code or soul destiny that represents the ultimate journey of expression you are here to embody.

This Soul Plan uses the vibration of your full birth name to generate your ‘Star of Creation’.

This is the contribution of the late Dr Frank Alper who in his ‘Spiritual Numerology of Moses’ system introduced an ordinal method of Gematria around a six-pointed star.

Frank Alper contributed the method of spiralling the Hebrew vibrations of one’s name around a star tetrahedron that could be seen as an energetic structure overlaying the person. 

A premise of the system is that your full birth name was transmitted to the name givers from the Soul of the child. In simple terms, your birth name can be read in such a way as to indicate the energies that your soul has brought with it this lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Name Numerology and Gene Keys?

Where as Gene Keys uses astrological information to calculate your chart. A Soul Plan profile is determined by numerology of your given birth name. 

Gene Keys is a deeper, more complex system for self discovery using the art of contemplation that gets deeper over time. Soul Plan is more easily digestible for a stand alone reading.

Another way to think about their difference, is Gene Keys influences our genetic expression through the light of our thoughts and Original Name Numerology is based on the vibratory sound impressions of the 22 creations codes that make up your name.

What if I no longer use my birth name?

That is very common. Any overlay name like nicknames or marriage surname change does influence the energetic creation codes but the main information or dominant vibration about your Souls mission can be found by decoding your original birth name. This is an aspect representation of the pure essence of your being.

What if I don't know my original birth name?

In this case we will use the name that feels most congruent with who your are.

If you have had multiple names, we can explore two charts and you can decide which one feels intuitively most appropriate.

Many people are born with the same name. How can their soul destiny be the same?

Although Original Name Numerology offers a great deal of guidance and insights about the types of challenges and talents you may have, it doesn't account for cultural, biochemical and astrological influences etc that all combine to make up the energy being that you are.


The Language of Creation

Original Name Numerology also known as Soul Plan has its roots in an ancient text called the Sefer Yetzirah. The English name for the text is The Book of Formation. It is theorised that the Sefer Yetzirah is one of the oldest, obscure and mystical texts which has influenced many Western esotericists, kabbalists and alchemists.  It presents a theory of creation that links letter sounds to the different aspects that make up material existence and the polarities of the everyday world.

The Book of Formation is thought to be one of the first references of the mystical meanings of the 22 letters of ancient Hebrew. It also postulates that reality can be seen as emanating from these 22 letters and therefore these letters represent the different facets and energies that make up this world.

If we accept humans as being a microcosm of the whole, then it is not a large leap to determine how these 22 energies are present in individual humans.

In this system, a human being is understood to be a microcosm of the wider creation and therefore embodies and experiences all the 22 energies inherent in the letters of creation. Understanding how these energies are affecting an individual provides a useful structure for understanding an individual incarnation.