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Every Aspect Of Your Life Contains Gold For Your Path...

And just like the archetypal hero's journey, our lives are made up of dynamic waves, cycles of highs and lows, moments of magic.

By framing your life as a Quest, it focuses every experience through a new lens and transforms life into an epic journey to create a better world.

Life has led me to a range of vocations including Natural Health Advocate, Artist, Healing Arts Therapist, Guitarist, Gardener, and Microbiology Lab Technician. These provide me with a wide scope of skill sets that I continually integrate into every aspect of my Life Quest Vision.

I am in the process of writing my upcoming book entitled 'The Human Biocrystal' and creating a comprehensive course called the Health Wisdom Quest.

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My exploratory journey into the healing arts began after I was taught a traditional hands on healing therapy, similar in style to Reiki, while I was travelling in Thailand at age 18.

As with many people that are drawn to natural health and healing, my interest was accelerated by my own multi-levelled health challenges that ebbed and flowed into my mid-twenties due to a variety of life stressors.

After starting to play the guitar at age 13, I developed new found confidence in myself. I practised away with passionate commitment to develop the skill. Over the years I’ve played guitar with many musicians and in bands, creating music that I loved.

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My guitar playing also became an escape for me. My mid to late teens was a severely stressful time, witnessing the distress mental illness can bring.

During that time my own health was straining, reducing my ability to really express my full self. I felt this potential within me that I couldn’t access or express consistently. I found this incredibly frustrating but at the same time, it forged my resilience to dig deep within myself and activate my inner resources.

I continue to passionately explore and gain greater understanding about our amazingly dynamic bodies and our ability to heal when supporting the natural intelligence that is innate within our cellular structure.

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I feel a deep resonance for creating an even more beautiful world, supporting projects to develop bio-architecturally designed centres in harmonic natural landscapes for healing, artistic creations and sharing the wisdom teachings of the universe.

I am appreciating more and more the interconnectedness of all things. The relationships and influencing factors between our body, thoughts, emotions, ancestral patterns and community, our inner and outer ecology, the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm and so on.

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By gaining an awareness of these connections, I feel we can more gracefully navigate our path forward and embrace a more wholesome, nourishing and purpose-filled life.

As we embrace our higher purpose, we can each contribute our unique gifts with the world and together to live the New Earth.                       

Quinn Bluewood DipNut, Dip HMa


Special Interests -

Human Potential

Gene Keys Guidance

Cellular Terrain and Metabolic Optimisation

Energy Medicine and Healing

Consciousness and the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Creation Codes Soul Profile

Ayurvedic Marma Healing Therapy and Massage

Liquid Crystalline Water Science

Cellular Biology, Biophotonics and Our Bioelectric Body

Microbiome and Epigenetic Optimisation

Unified Field Physics and Resonance Science

Qi Gong and Taoist Philosophy

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda

Taoist Tonic Herbalism

Sacred Geometry and Cosmometry

Art and Painting

Music, Sound Healing and Guitar

History and Ancient Wisdom