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The Gene Keys are a synthesis of transformational wisdom that invite you on a journey of self discovery to a deeper understanding of yourself and your higher purpose in life. 

Gene Keys Quest Life Guidance Session


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The Gene Keys are a living wisdom that play out in your everyday life like a mystery school while supporting the evolution of consciousness during this time in our world history.

Exploring your Gene Keys
The Gene Keys are a set of teachings that come alive inside of you overtime as they are imbibed deeper into your being through the process of contemplation.
I can offer some inspiration and some guidance, but where you go with the insights is up to you and your own inner alchemical process.
Breakthrough insights often catalyse a burst of creative inspiration in your life


Gene Keys Guidance Sessions 

When you order I will request your: date, place and time of birth.

The sessions are on Zoom and can be arranged via the calendar link found above or via email.


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Session 1

A quiet, peaceful setting is optimal for the call

During our first exploratory session, we can have a conversation about your life path and any specific guidance you may be seeking. I will share some of the key highlights and insights you can derive from your profile and how they may relate to your life. 
I would love to know which parts of the Gene Keys, if any, really speaks to you so I can align with your interest.
Afterwards, I will provide you with some contemplative guidance to explore, including Gene Keys Audio contemplations to listen to, as well as other online resources to help illuminate the meanings of certain Keys.

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Optional Session 2

8-12 weeks after the first
I will listen to any insights you have to share as a result of your self inquiry. We can explore how certain Gene Key patterns may have been or are being played out in your life.
I will share my contemplations of your profile based on the insights I've gained from our conversations. 


Getting started 

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1 - Join and watch the introductory course to learn more
2 - Create your own FREE Gene Keys profile
3 - Consider any areas that resonate or spark interest
4 - Think about any questions that arise or other areas of enquiry 

Benefits of Exploring Your 

Hologenetic Profile



  • Receive insight and recognition for your innate gifts

  • Experience how to transform hidden challenges into their potential gift by expressing the same energy through an open heart 

  • Activate your creative imagination to envision the highest expression of your inner nature
  • Understand your ideal way of being to experience greater harmony and flow with the universe as your purpose 
  • Realise your unique style and path to awakening


  • Embody self acceptance, gentleness as you steadily soften and open your heart

  • Enhance understanding and compassion in all your life relationships

  • Recognise emotional defence mechanisms that close the heart and ways to find balance
  • Become more aware of the source of repeating patterns that may be creating challenges and discomfort in your life

  • Unwind childhood and ancestral patterns


  • Gain clarity about valuable areas to focus on in your life and develop inspired confidence in yourself

  • Transform your core wound into your core talent and vocational quality

  • Open up to synchronicities to meet the right collaborators and find where you may be best suited to share your gifts 

  • Realise your unique way of shining and expressing your truth as you share your self with the world

  • Simplify your life with great lucidity to create the style of prosperity that is right for you
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The Gene Keys are a set of teachings, an evolving living wisdom that has synthesised many streams of wisdom traditions and insights from modern science.

Together with the Gene Keys book, your Gene Keys Profile reveals the qualities of your inherent potential and a specific journey of challenges to transform into their gift expression so you can embody their true essence. 

The profile offers insights about how you best shine, why you are here and much more.

How is the profile created?

The Gene Keys is a system based on 64 patterns of consciousness. This 64 bit matrix is found throughout nature as the 64 DNA Codons, within art, tantra, IT and the 64 hexagram I Ching that describes the energetic flow of life.

By using the principle of correspondences within our holographic reality, the moment and place of your birth indicates a specific imprinting of archetypal information.

This co-ordinate coding determines a type of curriculum of awakening your being incarnated with this lifetime.

We are each made up of an individual combinations of energetic codes. These codes form patterns in which our lifeforce flows through and expresses itself in all its exquisite  ways, out into the world of form.


Artwork by Elijah Parker @ Genekeys.com


Gene Keys Guidance FAQ


While having the Gene Keys book would be beneficial for your experience, it is not in anyway essential. We can utilise the audio contemplations and other online resources so you can get a feel for your relevant Gene Keys. The Lines 1-6 of each profile sphere also provide another rich focus of characterisation.
For many people, just becoming aware of the Gene Keys with their profile is enough to catalyse a deep cellular awakening process and an opening into a whole new world of wonder and universal mystery.
However. the Gene Keys is not a quick fix system. Insights come as you percolate the wisdom inside yourself in a relaxed self reflective way.
The journey gets deeper and more enriching over time as you continue along the Golden Path programs. The love and intention you pour into your own transformational process will lead to a more enriching experience. 
I will of course endeavour to expedite your voyage into the living wisdom field by bringing it alive for you. Patience is key as you embark on this kind of adventure.

The Gene Keys can seem complex and vast in its scope to approach at first. To avoid overwhelm, it is often useful to have a Gene Keys Guide like myself to walk you through some of the initial steps and to be a companion on your journey through the Golden Path programs. 

By understanding the system in a more intimate way, it may take years off the process to realise the true potent potential of the Gene Keys as a tool for transformation.

A guide can offer valuable reflections to support the realisation of insights as we reveal gold within the layers of the exploratory process.  Through this process we can gain clarity about the next steps in our evolutionary journey.

From Gene Keys.com

We suggest starting with noon (12:00 PM). Your time of birth may not always have much effect on your Gene Keys Profile. It depends on whether you were born on or near a changing cusp.

If in doubt, you can do several Profiles and try a range of times (e.g., early in the morning and late in the evening). Then compare the Profile report (especially looking at the Gene Key numbers) and see if there is any difference.

If there is a difference, then you can read and contemplate the information given in the Golden Path Program and the Gene Keys book and trust your intuition to find the best fit for you.

The Gene Keys are neither astrology nor are they a traditional profiling system. Each Gene Key and its line is a touchstone for a process of inner transformation, therefore it is not necessary to be too fixated on the system itself. The power of this work comes from your willingness to own your own Shadow patterns and your ability to envision your life at its highest frequency.


"Over time, as the Gene Keys transmission beds in and comes alive in your being, it will open up a world of magic and possibilities limited only by your imagination.

This is a truly special wisdom transmission, destined to be revealed for this time to support humanity into the next phase of our evolutionary path"



Gene Keys founder, Richard Rudd, who first received the Gene Keys transmission, shares a brief introduction about how to start your journey into the Gene Keys.



Your hologenetic profile contains 3 main sequences that make up what is known as the Golden Path.

The Activation Sequence – Discovering your Genius

The 4 Gene Keys of your prime gifts are the foundational keys to expressing your unique expression of genius out in the world.

The four spheres of your Prime Gifts are the cornerstones of your life, representing the mythic themes and challenges of your global role in this lifetime. These spheres are the Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance and Purpose.

The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfil your life’s purpose, while remaining deeply grounded in your physical body. Their gift qualities allow your light to shine out and serve the whole.


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The Venus Sequence – Opening your Heart through Relationships

Forming the heart of the Golden Path, the Venus Sequence is an extraordinary journey into the genetic currents that shaped you in the womb and the karmic forces released at the moment of your conception.

It offers insights into the patterns of trauma and defence mechanisms that present themselves through our lives as opportunities for growth and maintaining a gentle open heart.



The Pearl Sequence - Releasing your Prosperity through Service

The four stages of the Pearl Sequence are called the Vocation, Culture, Brand and Pearl. They describe a process of reorientation and synchronicity that brings you into contact with those people, cultures, places and dimensions that are required in order for you to fulfil your highest destiny.

They guide you in finding the highest possible form of service you can offer to the world through your inherent gifts. The Pearl brings to you the secrets of prosperity through an embodiment of simplicity.


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The 6 Lines of the Gene Keys

The 6 Lines form a powerful underlying pattern within the Gene Keys Golden Path, revealing a specific archetypal lens with which to view the Gene Key in your Hologenetic Profile.

In essence, the six lines tell the story from Personal to Transpersonal. Each line has its own archetypes, its own wounds, its own flavour. Due to their holographic nature, the qualitive energy of the 6 lines stays consistent throughout the entire Golden Path, though its particular keynotes and way of manifesting changes depending on the Sphere it is located within. Below are some key archetypal principles of each of the 6 lines.

Line 1

Inner Essence – Introspection – Investigation – Self-Empowerment

Line 2

Expression – Projection – Ease of Being – Passion & Relationships

 Line 3

Adaptation – Discovery – Trial & Error – Energy & Experience

 Line 4

Friendship – Connection – Magnetic Influence – Love & Community

 Line 5

Practicality – Leadership – Organization – Power & Projection

 Line 6

Visionary – Overseeing – Role Model – Education & Surrender

Example Hologenetic Profile

Grounding your 4 prime gifts of consciousness in your activation sequence will build your core stability and help you conserve energy by aligning more fully with your true nature

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