The Architecture of Reality - Unified Harmonic Matrix


In order to fully embrace your Life Vision Quest, exploring the Nature of Reality can be a very valuable endeavour.

Is there a structure or geometry to the field of space-time that we live within? 

Is this field what the ancients use to describe as the Aether; the fluidic crystalline matrices that acts as the architectural backbone for the manifestation of all form and information transfer within the universe? 

Most scientists studying Unified Physics would certainly say yes. 

One model I find resonant is the Unified Harmonic Matrix as taught by Adam Apollo.

You can watch the presentation he gave here.


Using this as a working model, we can begin to appreciate the fractal and holographic principles of the universe, as well as gaining a greater understanding of the ancient hermetic principles including; As Above, So Below.

An aspect of this work I find fascinating, is the concept of how our thinking life interfaces with this Unified Harmonic Matrix.

How does the way we stream consciousness through us via our Mental Plane influence the field around us?

How does this relate to the stability of 6 fold geometry, the expansion into 7 fold geometry, and the crystallisation of 5 fold geometry as the seed of formation?

How does this connect with our abilities a Magi and the activation of our inner magician?

To learn more about this topic in a practical sense, I would recommend Adam's Wizard Training Course at the Guardian Alliance HERE 

I hope you enjoy the video.