Discover your Life Keys to Awaken your Natural Magic

 In this Mini Course you’ll learn:

  • About the 64 Key Codes of Life

  • Your specific shard of light your here to share and shine out in the world
  • Imaginative contemplation as a tool to unlock your inner cellular light

  • How to discover your pathways to awaken your inner potential

  • A fresh perspective of what we mean by genius

  • The 6 Line variations that add a qualitative colour to your Keys

  • Your 4 Prime Gifts

  • Your Highest Expression Life's Work Key

  • The Challenge of your Evolution Key

  • The Key to your Vitality & Radiance

  • Your Embodied Purpose Key

  • Resources to explore your Keys in more depth

Exploring the Living Wisdom Life Keys

1 LVQ GK Mini Intro 1
Welcome to your Quest

2 LVQ GK Mini 64 codes of life
The 64 Key Codes of Life

3 LVQ GK What are they 1
What are the Gene Keys?

4 LVQ GK Mini Art contemplation
Imaginative Contemplation as a tool to unlock your Inner Cellular Light

GENE Keys gold path image no perm
Getting your Free Profile

5 LVQ GK Mini Discover true potential Holo profile
Pathways to Awaken your True Inner Potential

6 LVQ GK Mini Genius True inner potential
Revealing you True Inner Potential along the Golden Path

6 LVQ GK Mini 6 Lines part 2
The 6 Gene Key Line Variations

Introducing your 4 Prime Gift Life Keys

7 LVQ GK Mini Life work 2
Your Highest Expression Life's Work Key

8 LVQ GK mini Evolution
The Grounding Challenge of your Evolution Key

9 LVQ GK Mini Radiance
Your Vital Radiance Key

10 LVQ GK Mini Purpose
Your Embodied Purpose Key

11 LVQ GK Mini Resources
Resources to explore your Life Keys