The Genius in our DNA - The Sword in the Stone

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I was recently listening to a presentation Richard Rudd, the author of the Gene Keys gave during a conference where he mentioned his favourite childhood myth, that of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone.

During the 6 years I have been journeying with the Gene Keys, I have explored many of Richard’s presentations and I always seem to hear something fresh and through new ears. The point that sparked my interest this time was the analogy he gave for the Genius in our DNA: the Sword in the Stone. Just like Arthur was the only one who could pull the sword from the stone, only we can access the unique genius latent within our DNA.


So what do we mean by Genius?

While there could be many descriptions of this, for this article I would like to use an explanation from the Gene Keys Glossary.


Genius — The innate intelligence of all human beings. True genius (as opposed to intellectual genius) is a spontaneous and unstudied creative uniqueness rooted in unconditional love. Genius is the natural manifestation of a human life when it is allowed to expand without force. Genius is a hallmark of the Gift frequency band where self-forgiveness leads to a progressive opening of your heart, resulting in an explosion of creative energy throughout your being. The higher the frequency of your DNA rises, the greater your urge will be to use your genius in service to the whole. As more and more people join their genius together, the world as we see it today will be transformed.


To compliment this definition, it is worth noting the roman roots of ‘genius’ as a ‘guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth’. We could also say that our DNA carries holographic light codes as a potential field within its geometric structure and under the right circumstances these potential fields are actively expressed and in turn our Genius in released into the world. At the highest level we could call these gifts our Siddhi’s or Divine Gifts that represent the zenith of our Genius, thus a new level of being is embodied.

The Gene Keys Synthesis

The Gene Keys Synthesis as a body of work, offers us insight and guidance for the realisation of this inherent potential encoded within our genetic helix.

The system is based on 64 archetypal patterns of consciousness. This 64 bit matrix is found throughout nature as the 64 DNA Codons, within art, tantra, IT and the 64 hexagram I Ching that flows through life as a synchronistic fractal pattern.

One way of working with the Gene Keys wisdom is with a specific profile determined by our specific position in the space time continuum at the moment of our birth.

The Hologenetic profile

This Hologenetic profile is made up of three sequences of Gene Keys called the Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence and the Pearl Sequence. Collectively they formed what is known as the Golden Path.

Each of the 64 Gene Keys can be expressed through three bands of awareness or frequency, the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi. These three bands can also be described as a Challenge, the Creative Transformation and Transcendent Realisation. The Golden Path, therefore, is a journey through a specific set of archetypal challenges and potential gifts we incarnated with during this lifetime. This is why the Gene Keys are often called the ‘Algorithms for Awakening’.

By becoming more aware of the shadow patterns that cause us to experience pain in our lives, we have the opportunity to adapt our perspective and send new coherent signals to our cells based on our feeling state and overall belief structure. In this way we are consciously stepping out of the field consciousness that maintains a victim frequency state within our personal lives and throughout the collective.

Transforming the Shadow

The process of transforming a shadow into its potential gift generates an energetic message throughout our bodyfield that can upgrade the expression of certain genes, unlocking new abilities and states of consciousness. Within the field of genetics, this process known as epigenetic modification demonstrates how our DNA is a highly sensitive antennae for environmental signals and responds accordingly by turning on or off the expression of specific genes.

In this the way, the Gene Keys can enhance the progress of our evolutionary journey, by giving us insight into our specific tendencies to dip into shadow states and the potential path to transform those engrained neural pathways into their gift expression with a new creative response.

The gift expression is always the path of the heart. It is responding to a situation in a loving, connected way, a way that is congruent with our true nature as oppose to our triggered mental or emotional defences that often create more suffering in our lives.

So, how much influence do we really have in this process?

To explore this question fully would require a great treatise in metaphysics by starting with the fundamental questions of consciousness like, ‘Who am I’?.

Am ‘I‘ just a consequence of chemical reactions within my body, and my consciousness just an epiphenomenon of the brain?

Well, if you’re reading this article, I would presume you feel there are deeper levels of reality beyond our physical existence.

There are many spiritual systems and lineages throughout the world that have attempted to map the unseen dimensions of our consciousness. Many of these valuable insights have come from people translating their personal experience in enlightened states.

While there are varying subdivisions of our spiritual anatomy within different schools of thought, the overall consensus is that there are many layers of the self that overlay the core essence of who we truly are.

An example of this we can experience in our daily lives is simply the experience of our lower ego mind compared with our higher mind or soul consciousness. Our higher mind is the part of us that can act as the observer of our thoughts. The lower mind, often called the ‘monkey mind’ is the aspect of us that keeps us from finding that still quiet place during meditation. Our soul consciousness on the other hand resonates with a calm inner knowing of realms beyond our normal waking state.

By learning to tap into this place within ourselves, one way being the higher heart, we can guide our fractal shard of consciousness with our attitude and awareness from that higher perspective that is more congruent with our true nature.

The Genius of our Purpose

To conclude, accessing the Genius in our DNA in its totality, just like the Sword in the Stone requires our participation, and paradoxically our surrender to a Divine power that can then use our vessel for more noble goals that serve all of creation. This dynamic is beautifully articulated in the audio contemplation for Gene Key 21, that moves from the Shadow of Control to the Siddhi of Valour with the pathway of Authority, because it takes great Valour to surrender to a higher ideal.

The Genius of our purpose is about the way we do something, the unique quality of consciousness we imbue through our beingness. Its the release of our inner cellular Light that radiates out into the world of form, influencing every atom in the cosmos with its illumination.


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