The Architecture of Reality - Unified Harmonic Matrix


In order to fully embrace your Life Vision Quest, exploring the Nature of Reality can be a very valuable endeavour.

Is there a structure or geometry to the field of space-time that we live within? 

Is this field what the ancients use to describe as the Aether; the fluidic crystalline matrices that acts as the architectural backbone for the manifestation of all form and information transfer within the universe? 

Most scientists studying Unified Physics would certainly say yes. 

One model I fi…

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Energetic Flow Through Spontaneous Movement Qi Gong

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I practice a form of Qi Gong called Taijiwuxigong. One of the distinguishing features of this particular system is the manifestation of what’s known as spontaneous movement. This is such a fascinating phenomena that I wanted to share my experience of it with you. I don't claim to be an expert in Qi Gong, so the following is my best translation

Taijiwuxigong was a developed by Dr Shen during the 1900’s

What in the name is Spontaneous Movement?

Firstly, what is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient T…

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