The Architecture of Reality - Unified Harmonic Matrix


In order to fully embrace your Life Vision Quest, exploring the Nature of Reality can be a very valuable endeavour.

Is there a structure or geometry to the field of space-time that we live within? 

Is this field what the ancients use to describe as the Aether; the fluidic crystalline matrices that acts as the architectural backbone for the manifestation of all form and information transfer within the universe? 

Most scientists studying Unified Physics would certainly say yes. 

One model I fi…

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A Secret Key - Gene Keys as a Treatise on Universal Light

alchemy art kaleidoscope pattern cosmic beauty purple blue mandala fractal drawn

In the world of the Gene Keys, we embark on a profound journey through the very essence of existence itself – light. While this is an open secret, I feel this piece is really key to help deepen the voyage through this living wisdom. Although that may seem impractical, at times, I find it actually elucidates the contemplative process when we take this higher impersonal perspective.

Through the eyes of the Gene Keys, we see light as the fundamental building block of the universe. The 64 Siddhi's …

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Shadow Alchemy and the Gift Transformation

GENE Keys gold path image no perm

The Gene Keys are a synthesis of transformational wisdom that invite you on a journey of self discovery to a deeper understanding of yourself and your higher purpose in life. 

As an evolving living wisdom, the Gene Keys includes many streams of spiritual traditions and insights from modern science.

Each Gene Key can be expressed through a trinity of frequency bands, moving from a Shadow expression, to a Gift expression and the ultimate core essence, the Siddhi or Divine Gift.


Gene Keys Spectrum of consciousness no p

The Shad…

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